Master's degree in Research, Innovation and Health Transfer

Objectives and competences

Master's degree in Research, Innovation and Health Transference's objectives and skills

To guarantee the acquisition by the student of multidisciplinary advanced training aimed at promoting initiation in health research tasks.


Ability to:

  • Formulate the appropriate research question to the problem to be investigated and then develop a theoretical framework based on reliable sources of information in the field of health sciences.
  • Make a critical analysis of the literature, the methodological approach and the context taking into account the professional, ethical and legal principles in force in health sciences.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills for the development of quantitative and/or qualitative methodological designs in health sciences.
  • Use appropriate techniques to analyse data and relationships between variables or categories in quantitative and/or qualitative research in health sciences.
  • Use scientific language in the communication and transfer of health research results.
  • Apply the knowledge acquired in a research project that promotes innovation in the field of health.
  • Apply the basics of scientific evidence in health sciences and recognise the need for innovation and transfer.

Career opportunities

Health, teaching, research.

  • Clinical practice
  • Public health policies
  • Health Research
  • Health resources management
  • Teaching